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Work Hazard: Chapter 8

Sex is funny. Not laughing out loud funny, but funny in the sense that there's nothing really serious about two people screwing each other for the hell of it. It's graceless and hot and raw (but funny.) Laughing kisses are the best brand. Sex, no matter how intense, should always be fun. This chapter alone fully earns a high rating.

Work Hazard: Chapter 8

“Hot or cold?” It breaks the thick silence wrapping the boy and the man in soothing nothingness. Surprisingly enough, Kakashi speaks first, asking the question casually as he takes the boy up to his hotel room. He could have driven Sasuke all the way back to Orochimaru's and he's fairly sure he'd have had no complaints from the sullen Uchiha.

It seems too careless of someone like Sasuke, who until now, despite the numerous times they've been together, has never shown weakness; public places, times when he was expected somewhere. It seems this time around, the boy is purposefully seeking danger.

Either that, or he trusts Kakashi. Which would be stupidest of all and Sasuke is too smart for that, isn't he?

“Cold.” The word drops from Sasuke's lips without intonation, a forgotten syllable spoken softly. He steps in front of Kakashi as the man holds the door open for him. The first thing Sasuke does once inside is claim the bed, lying down and crossing his arms behind his neck.

Kakashi's gaze latches onto the tiniest bit of too-white skin revealed as the shirt rides up with Sasuke's movements. He shuts the door and locks it, then walks over to the bed. The silence is heavy, intent, like the missing piece of a puzzle is being forcefully silenced. Kakashi doesn't want to break the silence.

After a second of looking into the boy's face, trying to read his dark expression, Kakashi makes up his mind and sits by Sasuke. His hand settles on top of the boy's front, over cloth and skin. The image of his large hand covering Sasuke's stomach rings so many things at once. It stinks of wrongness that from the end of his thumb, all the way through the extended palm and fingers to the tip of his pinky, Kakashi's hand covers the entirety of Sasuke's belly. His thumb brushes the gentle curve of a hip and his little finger nearly curls around the soft flesh of a side. Too small, too young, so easily held down, taken and violated.

It rings of need and something soft that Sasuke's frown eases with the touch. It smells of intimacy and unspoken promises. It speaks of comfort and it's a completely alien thing that Kakashi feels the same comfort returned to him. He feels good and right, despite the wrongness, that he could somehow ease whatever pained the boy. If there's one thing Kakashi has spent his life avoiding, then this is it. This moment when fingertips make soft electric contact, when every breath feels like a promise instead of a curse and every thought slows to a crawl and it's not that important to know why.

How're you ever going to take him to Orochimaru now, genius?

“Won't you hurt me now?” Sasuke's voice breaks the silence and something falls into place in Kakashi's mind. Something he's known for a while.

“No.” Because Kakashi can't hurt the boy now, “How did you do that?” That question is softly spoken, obviously intended for Sasuke, but he wasn't meant to hear it.

“Do what?” Sasuke's eyes are on the masked man above him, his black eyes only visible because of the white around them.

Kakashi stands, stretching lazily. “Never mind.” Silence falls upon them again. Kakashi wonders whether he should ask what's bothering the boy, but since he's already got a fairly good guess, and Sasuke doesn't seem like he needs to share, he doesn't ask.

Kakashi walks to the door opening the way to the balcony and beckons the boy close with a sign of the index. A raised eyebrow answers him and Kakashi smiles, a real, honest smile. It's enough for Sasuke to sit up curiously and step closer, until he's looking through the glass doors.

The boy can see the city lights and in the distance, the mountains hovering threateningly, undistinguished black shapes. It's snowing now, little crystals falling down to earth. It makes everything beautiful again. A large hand settles on his hip and Sasuke feels himself tugged back to a warm chest. It seems nothing Kakashi does is enough to make Sasuke uncomfortable tonight. The boy feels drunk, or drugged still. There's the surreal feel of intimacy, the remnant painful wounds from Itachi and Naruto and Kisame and Neji.

“I'm sorry.” Those words again. Twice in one night. Sasuke speaks them smiling this time, eyes recovering some of their lost spirit and mischief.

Kakashi thinks it would be a bad idea to ask why Sasuke feels compelled to apologize. A very dumb idea to give into his curiosity and let the boy win this. An even stupider idea than stopping the car was. “What for?”

Sasuke turns around, facing Kakashi. The man's hand is still on his hip and Sasuke smirks up at him, “For breaking your routine.”

Right. Like he's sorry for that. Kakashi rolls his eyes and decides there's really no appropriate answer to such an obvious lie. So he tugs his mask down and leans in to claim the boy's lips. The hand on Sasuke's hip travels over cloth and muscles to cover the boy's back and climb up his spine to bury itself in soft midnight-colored hair.

A small, surprised moan escapes Sasuke's throat, losing itself somewhere in Kakashi's mouth as he's thoroughly kissed. He feels as though Kakashi is staking a claim with every swipe of the tongue, every shift of lips, every breath not taken. It scares Sasuke to feel it, but it's that same exhilarating fear as the one that comes before jumping off an airplane. Every touch, every breath, every lick, bite, suckle is magnified tenfold and Sasuke is breathless from it all.

When his mouth is finally released, Sasuke's legs feel weak. He tells himself it's lack of oxygen even as he reaches up to grab Kakashi's head and plunges back in for seconds. He presses close to Kakashi, and one lucid thought breaks from the mumbled lust: clothes are in the way. So Sasuke slides his hands around Kakashi's waist and he tugs the shirt out of the pants to slide over the older man's skin tentatively. He can feel something rough under his fingertips, then the skin is smooth again. Scars.

It's hard to remember that he needs to undress when he's so absorbed in tasting Kakashi. Multi-tasking eventually earns Sasuke Kakashi's shirt and the boy throws it to the side. It lands half on the couch, half on the floor, the sleeves crossed in prayer.

Sasuke breaks away from Kakashi's kiss long enough for the man to pull off the offending piece of cloth forbidding skin contact with Sasuke's chest. Once the boy is naked from the waist up, Kakashi wastes no time slipping an arm around Sasuke and leading him back to the bed. When the boy's knees hit the foot of the bed, Kakashi pushes a leg in between Sasuke's and, pushing his knee on the edge of the mattress, forces the boy to lie down on his back.

Sasuke arches up into the warm mouth that covers up a nipple and a series of moans and whimpers escapes him as Kakashi works on the fastenings of his pants and slips a hand to wrap around his erection. Teeth tug gently on the nub even as Kakashi's large hand pumps Sasuke's cock.

In little to no time at all, Sasuke is a quivering, panting mess of sultry black eyes and sweaty pale skin. “Fuck... Let me... Kakashi... Just... ” Thoughts are nearly nonexistent as the boy feels himself come close to the edge. He doesn't want to come this way though. He doesn't want it this way. With a growl, Sasuke pushes Kakashi's head up off his chest, looking into his eyes, “Don't just... don't...” Unable to find the right words, Sasuke takes a deep breath and resolves to show Kakashi what he means.

It takes some vigorous wriggling and coaxing kisses to convince Kakashi to release his prize, but the man does so willingly enough. Sasuke inches up the bed, breathing hard as he finally manages to sit up. With his pants open and halfway down his thighs, chest heaving, messy hair and sweat glistened skin, Sasuke is aware that he presents a very tempting dish.

Kakashi's eyes travel down Sasuke's chest to his crotch, then back up again to fix on the kiss-bruised lips, the half-shut, so-dark eyes. He then finds two hands on his shoulders, urging him closer. Still-clothed legs on either side of Sasuke's body, Kakashi crawls over the boy until their crotches are inches apart and Kakashi's breath teases Sasuke's lips.

The older man leans in to claim a kiss, only for Sasuke to playfully turn his head to the side with a teasing smirk. A little miffed, Kakashi takes revenge on the boy's throat, the side of his neck where he proceeds to suck and bite until he can taste the mark. It takes a few seconds for Kakashi to realize that his belt is being tugged away, and the zipper to his pants lowered to release his erection.

There's undeniable relief at his cock being released from its confines, but Kakashi can't help but wonder where the hell Sasuke's going with this, if he even knows what he's doing and if he does, where the fuck did he learn it? This isn't awkward teenage fumbling, there's no shyness or hesitation to Sasuke's hands, his mouth and tongue.

Even as that thought crosses Kakashi's mind, he spots the barest hint of trembling in the boy's fingers as they move up and down Kakashi's chest.

Sasuke's nervous alright. He's never been this far with anyone and it's scary and exciting and he doesn't know what to do with himself. He knows he wants to please Kakashi. He wants to be different, wants to be everything he promises with his kisses, but he's not sure if he can offer it, if he can be all that.

A few seconds later, Sasuke's hands grow steady again, his lips open for a subdued pant. Sasuke either does or doesn't. No halfway, no maybe, no I'll try, it's in his nature. His fingers are cool as they slide into the older man's pants and wrap around Kakashi's cock. For a second, Sasuke wants to laugh. It feels weird. Not the same as jerking off. And it's so big.

Unable to hold back, Sasuke lets a chuckle go past his lips.

Breathless with the sudden contact of cool fingers to his erection, Kakashi looks at the boy who holds his cock between small hands and though just the sight is enough for Kakashi to feel his spine tingle happily with the heat, he can't help but smirk, “Something funny?”

Sasuke feels an answering smirk on his lips and he looks up at Kakashi, eyes wide and bottom lip bitten in that falsely innocent expression, “But mister... it's so big!”

A short bark of laughter escapes Kakashi and it's hot and lustful and amused and completely alien. “Cute. Now what're you going to do with it?”

The mischief of the play has Sasuke completely forgetting nervousness and he grins, “Well what do kids do with foreign objects?”

Kakashi doesn't reply. He's still hovering over Sasuke and the boy's cool hands are down his pants, cradling his erection and Kakashi can't get over Sasuke calling his dick a foreign object.

Sasuke looks up at Kakashi and kisses his chin playfully. He pumps the cock in his hands experimentally, noting down when Kakashi stiffens, bears down on him or seeks his throat for a kiss like a starving man and it's the hottest thing Sasuke's ever felt. His own breathing is out of control and before he loses all rational thought, Sasuke decides he wants to try something else.

Releasing the man's cock, Sasuke grabs onto Kakashi's thighs and he wriggles down the mattress until he's low enough to stare up at the other man's crotch. It's intimidating and a little weird but the small drops of precum sliding down the impressive length have Sasuke nervous again. He grabs onto his playful mood almost desperately to dispel it.

Fortunately enough, the amusement comes back through the lust, fear and shot nerves. Sasuke whispers, “Did you know, Kakashi? Children would put anything in their mouths.” And so saying, Sasuke raises up beneath Kakashi, just enough to wrap his lips around the glistening tip of the man's cock.

Once there, the boy rolls his tongue around the tip, getting a feel for the taste and shape of another man's dick in his mouth. The moan he gets for his efforts, drawled out and pure lust, more than makes up for the inconvenience of finding he can't take more of it in his mouth. There's only so much a boy can do, after all.

For his part, Kakashi is gripping the bed sheets with such force that it's the only thing keeping him from thrusting deep in the boy's mouth. His body aches for it. He's let the boy experiment, try things out and tease, but it's enough now. Kakashi needs more. He needs to take.

With much effort, Kakashi manages to pull away from the boy's lips. At the questioning look he gets sent from below, Kakashi doesn't reply. He levels with the boy, staring into his eyes before claiming another kiss. He can taste himself on Sasuke's lips, just an edge to drive more heat to Kakashi's erection.

He so badly wants to ravage the boy. Spread his legs and just drive in, to feel Sasuke's hot little body around his cock and fuck him through the mattress. He doesn't.

As the next best thing, he grabs the boy's hands and leads them around his erection, showing him the exact strength, rhythm and speed to use. With the stimulation and Sasuke's kiss, it takes only a few moments more before he can feel the edge, so tempting, so close. His large hand covers the boy's cock and jerks him in time.

Hot breaths and moans mingle together for precious seconds and Kakashi feels. He tastes nothing but Sasuke and the addictive taste drives the need just a notch higher. The boy is the first to come, with a soft whimper released into the safety of Kakashi's mouth, Sasuke's body trembles with pleasure.

Kakashi's eyes are closed. He regrets being unable to see how beautiful Sasuke becomes when he's at the peak of his pleasure. It's a thought quickly replaced by the heat that washes over him with his own release. The tingle starts from his spine and travels his entire body with waves of pleasure.

It's an effort to shift to the side as he slumps down, breathless. He doesn't want to crush the boy, but the aftermath of his release leaves Kakashi feeling drained, content and boneless. He wraps an arm around Sasuke's waist and pulls him a little closer. Just enough for his sweaty skin to sense the heat from the boy's body, without touching him.

When Kakashi can see Sasuke's face, a little turned to the side, he can tell the boy is very nearly passed out. There's something in Kakashi's chest that feels impossibly tight at the softly vulnerable look of Sasuke's sleeping face. At this moment in time, Kakashi feels... knows that he would kill anyone who would willingly hurt this boy.


It's still dark when Sasuke wakes. Nothing woke him up as such, no sound, light, danger. It might be a leftover reflex from living with Kisame. Sasuke looks at the man beside him and gives a silent snort as he notices that Kakashi has his mask back on and a hand below the pillow, where there is undoubtedly a loaded weapon.

Sasuke carefully makes his way out of bed. He feels sweaty and embarrassed and a little dirty. How does it feel to have sex for the first time with a man? Weird. Good weird, Naruto would say.

There is, in the back of Sasuke's mind, a red light flashing rhythmically. The boy ignores it quite firmly and instead walks to the bathroom. He turns on the water and steps in the shower. Resting his head against the stall, Sasuke thinks back on the events of the night. First that strange intimacy, then the sex... oh yes... the sex was great. Never forget the sex, and now this numbness that Sasuke is reluctant to identify as comfort.

Leisurely washing himself Sasuke shivers with some images of the night. Kakashi is stunning in every small way. Sasuke had known there'd be scars.

When the boy gets out of the shower, he quietly walks to the bed and watches Kakashi's back. The moonlight filters through and paints the man's body with edges. There's a gunshot scar high up on his right shoulder, a slash on the lower back and a strange rugged surface on Kakashi's left side. Sasuke had felt that with his fingers. It's like tree bark, for the few centimeters there. It makes Kakashi even more beautiful, to Sasuke's eye.

Where Sasuke is flawless, Kakashi is marked. It's fitting and soothing. Sasuke feels the urge to touch the man, to slowly run a light and gentle finger along the curve of the spine. But considering that there is a loaded gun under the pillow, Sasuke figures he might not want to try that.

Itachi would be pissed if he ended up dead in a hotel room shot by accident of all things...

Oh. Fuck. Itachi.

Sasuke is suddenly reminded of his brother and the red light in the back of Sasuke's mind flashes in front of his eyes. He's going to be beyond pissed off.

Hurriedly, Sasuke fumbles for his clothes. He ponders waking Kakashi, but decides the man looks peaceful enough. Besides, he's probably aware of what's happening, even if he's not awake as such. Itachi sleeps like that.

When he's about dressed, Sasuke grabs his turned-off cell phone and winces at the amount of messages left on the voice mail. Dead. If Itachi doesn't kill me, Neji will. Christ, shit and fuck too for that matter.
Just before he slips away from Kakashi's room, he gives one last longing look to the man. If he's even going to have a chance at seeing Kakashi again, he's going to need to placate Itachi. And disappearing off the face of the earth after firing one of Itachi's employees is not the way to placate his brother.

Sasuke shakes his still wet hair a little, hoping to not look like a drenched rat when he comes back home. In the elevator, Sasuke dials Neji's cell.

“Where the fuck are you?” Neji's voice is icy cold with fury and burning hot with worry, all at once.

Sasuke can't help feeling guilty that he worked up the other boy so much, “I'm okay, Neji...” Before he continues on to explain or apologize or whatever words he wanted to say, Sasuke hears fumbling on the other side. He can tell that the phone was just literally wrenched away from Neji. Sasuke shuts his eyes and winces again, “Where are you, Sasuke?”

Itachi never calls him by name unless he's royally pissed at something stupid that Sasuke did. “I'm at some hotel... I'll get home.”

“No, you won't. You're staying put. I'm coming to get you. What's the address?”

“I'll find out... just a second.” He turns to look around the reception area and finds dark-skinned man behind the desk. After getting the address from him, Sasuke gives it meekly to Itachi.

He can hear some more fumbling, then a shout causes Sasuke to tear the phone away from his ear, “TEME! You're going to pay, you bastard, you hear me?”

Anger seizes Sasuke's gut at Naruto's voice. He icily says, “I'll be waiting in the lobby,” and hangs up.

There's a large black leather couch in the center of the room and Sasuke slumps down on it, head in his hands. He's angry again, but it quickly dissipates when he reminds himself of the entire night. So maybe he didn't have to hit Naruto. Maybe he didn't have to hop into Kakashi's car without so much as a warning.

Sasuke raises his head and finds himself in a good mood despite it all. Sex is the best anti-depressor in the world and that leads back to the simple truth of I had sex and evidently, that itself goes towards with Kakashi and then, it was great too.

In the end, Sasuke has to work to suppress a grin. He hasn't had to hold back a smile for a long time. Distantly, Sasuke hears someone talking in the background. It takes him a little while to understand that the words are for him and when he decides to pay attention, he only catches the tail end of the sentence.

“... cold tonight.”

Sasuke looks at the dark-skinned man now standing in front of him. The golden tag on his shirt reads 'Andrew'.


“I asked if you'd like a taxi, young sir. It's cold tonight.”

“No thank you. That's quite alright.”

The man considers himself dismissed and goes back behind the desk.

There's an itch at the back of Sasuke's neck. He feels watched, but it might just be the receptionist's dark eyes on him. Nevertheless, Sasuke can't dismiss the feeling and he stands, sharp eyes scanning his surroundings. He's dropped into a defensive stance before he even realizes it. A flash of red catches his attention from the end of a corridor and Sasuke is suddenly struck with the urge to flee. Just leave while there's still time.

Obeying the instinct, Sasuke's stride to the front doors is just a notch below running. When his hand closes on the handle, he hears the distinct noise of a silenced gun whistling. Half a second later, he's on the floor, rolling behind the reception desk.

He finds the still body of the dark man (Andrew) beside him and the blood flowing from the too-neat hole in the man's forehead has Sasuke feeling sick dread.

The whistling goes off again and before he can even think it through, Sasuke's moving, jumping away from his hiding place and behind a column.

“Come on, kid, just stay still a second, won't you?”

It's a deep voice and Sasuke can't place it. Nothing he's heard before. The gun goes off again and Sasuke moves just in time to watch a dark spot appear where his head previously was. He can't pin-point where the shots are coming from. There's more than one shooter.

The same dance goes on a few more times before Sasuke realizes he's being led back deeper into the hotel and away from the main doors. In a desperate effort, Sasuke tries the doors to the rooms in the corridor. At ground floor, he can break a window and escape that way. Three of them refuse to give but the last try has Sasuke stumbling through the doors and smack into a large stomach.

Two massive arms wrap around him and hold him still. Sasuke can't even see the man's head beyond the body weight. All the struggling in the world gives no result and Sasuke turns his head to the entrance just in time to watch a redheaded girl come through the door. She aims a gun at his back.

Sasuke feels the sharp pain in his lower back and for a second, he thinks this is it. This is where he dies and Itachi's all alone.

The pain dissipates quickly though, replaced by a deceptively attractive feeling of numbness.

Drugged. Fuck.

Sasuke refuses to go out without a fight, without at least injuring something. He bites into the chest of the man holding him, viciously tearing skin. Reflexively, the man loosens his hold and Sasuke uses that moment to slide down and away. With whatever coordination is left, the boy slams a fast elbow into the redhead's temple and makes a run for it.

He can hear some fighting ahead and Sasuke's almost reached it when his legs give out on him. His eyes are shutting on their own despite Sasuke's fiercest efforts.

The last thing the boy sees is a half-naked Kakashi struggling with a too-fast, white-haired attacker.

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