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Fic: All about Victory (In answer to Luni's prompt: NaruSasu - Rapefic)

Very disjointed, this one. Non-con warnings apply although it's nothing graphic.

It's more about the psychological elements of it. And it's very open to interpretation. I hope you like this one Luni!

All about Victory

"So that's what you want, is it?"

Sasuke doesn't answer. His face is twisted with pain, his body abused and tired and he wants to scream, yell, 'No.'

He doesn't. Some part of him figures it's only right. It's long overdue, this betrayal.

"Answer me, damnit. Is it what you want? To be forced? It's the only way you'll understand, isn't it?"

Naruto is so naive. So fresh and stupid. Sasuke doesn't answer him. He couldn't move if his life depended on it anyway. In some way, maybe it does.

"I did everything. I did every goddamn thing." A kiss brushes the back of Sasuke's neck. It's desperate and filled to the brink with need. "Why isn't it enough?"

You were doing fine is what Sasuke wants to say. He needs to say, Just stop now and we'll be okay. He wants to say, I'm broken, you're not. You can't understand.

Instead, "You'll never be enough."

His pants are tugged and ripped off brutally. Sasuke shuts his eyes and steals himself. I told you so. You knew he'd betray you, in the end. He's not strong enough. I told you so. You should've listened.

There's a parody of care in the way Naruto traces up Sasuke's back, a parody of love as he pushes a finger inside to stretch the hole.

Sasuke pretends it's not them. He hasn't pushed Naruto this far. It's not him lying on his stomach, wrists tied behind his back, ass exposed. It's not Naruto crying and positioning his cock to violate him.

Need to say no, need to say no.

"Stop..." It's low and weak and Sasuke can't recognize his voice in the vulnerable, needy tone.

There's a pause in Naruto's movements, he heard. Fingers tremble on Sasuke's hips before they tighten again.

He doesn't stop.

It's rough, fast and brutal. Two minutes into the assault, Sasuke loses his hold on consciousness.


When Sasuke wakes, he's in a sterilized room in the hospital. He sits up with a scream on his lips and the pain in his lower half finishes to drag it out. Hands immediately reach out to hold him.

Sasuke knows those hands. He shuts his eyes and flinches away.

"You have no right to be here." Sasuke's voice is surprisingly steady. He supposes this sort of thing happens when you kill off the last part of yourself.

"I... I'm sorry."

"No you're not. You got what you wanted." It's not bitter, not angry. Sasuke can't find the energy to sound betrayed. Besides it's not like he didn't expect it.

"You... you said you needed that. I thought you wanted it! You said you wanted it!"

"I also asked you to stop. Or did you conveniently forget that part?"

"I can't just know what you want, Sasuke, I'm not a mind-reader! You just kept pushing and pushing and I didn't know what to do! I didn't know what you wanted..."

"But you knew what you wanted. Isn't that the most important thing?"

Naruto's eyes are filled with tears. He looks so completely defeated that Sasuke can almost feel pity. But there's anger in that sad gaze as well. Wise anger, cold anger. "You kept pushing me, waiting for me to trip, didn't you? You were waiting for this to happen just so you could be right."

Sasuke lets out an unamused chuckle, "You failed me."

Silence. It invades every aspect of the room until Sasuke feels suffocated with it.

"I love you." It's broken now. Naruto's voice is simply that, broken.

An almost sob is Sasuke's answer. But he won't cry, he won't sob. He knew this would happen. He's ready for it. Betrayal is in human nature. Itachi taught him that lesson too well.

"I win, Naruto."

The End

I need therapy.
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